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Special & Unique Home Interior collected from around the world, we call it “Uniquities” & it is our way of sharing with you our limited selection of hand picked rarities. Is this affordable all these items collected from all the corners of the world? Yes, our credo at Wisdom & Koenig is to pass on the benefit of our network of handlers, secret locations & travel frequency to our clients. What does this mean; it means you get beautiful & unique furniture, art & more at a fair price! Come visit our store in the middle of the Glockenbachviertel area of Munich & take the time to discover new & exciting objects, ask questions & hear stories. We take the time to understand your dreams.

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For those of you that NEED immediate gratification!

You have the option to pick up your selected “UNIQUITIES” directly from our showroom. Just select “Click & Collect” at the check out page.

Give us a call or email and we will organize the most convenient time for you to come by. We look forward to greeting you at our showroom!

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