About Us


Hi & thank you for having a look inside our shop!

Just a bit about us and how the shop came to be.

We love what we do, we do what we love!

And we love to wander forgotten streets, search out hidden shops, discover lost treasures; it’s almost as if we are transported into another world. The colors, forms and history of the different objects call out to us, telling us of their grand-days of splendor and dedication. Actually, we love the smell and look of old leather, faded fabrics, rusted frames and forgotten crafts, that still after decades maintain their uniqueness, charm and service. We decided to start our business because we appreciate quality, tradition, and craftsmanship and that we knew there were other people out there that also desire and appreciate uniqueness, art and culture. That not only do these objects speak to us but they long to share their stories with all that will listen. 

We are very happy to share a limited selection of “UNIQUITIES” from around the world with you and hope that they will bring you or someone you know pleasure, as well as a special accent to your home and life.

Enjoy a look around and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Dominique & Kyle



IMG_1396 a(2)Dominique Wisdom

has traveled the world for years collecting, creating and selling rarities as well as previously running the successful Moroccan store “Ali Baba” in Munich for over 12 years.





 Kyle Koenig

comes from the fashion and music scene, travels extensively as a communications expert and over the years has developed a unique style and flair for interior design.




Together we run Wisdom & Koenig Interiors from our showroom in Munich, Germany.Traveling on a regular basis we collect special “UNIQUITIES”, redesign objects and create curiosities.

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